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Ruler Square Set

The ruler set square is a great tool for measuring wood work. It comes with 4590 degree angle ruler, wood work tool set, and a tensioner. This tool makes it easy to square off duties such as duties at a mill or construction project. It's a great tool for any woodworker looking for a simple, efficient way to measure things.

Set Angle Finder & Protractor Level Adjustable Measure

Craftsman Tri Square Set Angle

By Unbranded

USD $55.00

Set 4pc 12" Ruler 90 Degree Protractor Center Head Hvy Duty

Combination Square Set 4pc 12"

By Unbranded

USD $59.99

Set 4 Rulers ~ Center Designs Before Cutting

Kimberbell ORANGE POP RULER Square

By Kimberbell

USD $45.00


Omnigrid Ruler Set, Squares

By Dritz

USD $15.62

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The ruler set square is a great craftsman tool for finding an angle to build a model from. The tool can be used to make measurements for photos, plans, and more. The ruler set square is adjustable to have an angle of 50 degrees. The tool has a black powdercoated finish and is made of metal.
This is a together workbook that provides tips and recipes for working with acombination square set. The workbook provides tips and recipes for working with the square in a variety of ways, including:
-Ribboning the sides and top
-Gluing the shaping pieces together
-Use a ruler to draw a line directly above or below the shaping pieces
-Use a center head duty cap to hold the square together when you're done shaping it
-Use a 10-degree ruler to indicate the center point of the pieces
this is a 300mm adjustable engineers combination try square set right angle ruler set. It is adjustable to an adjustable angle of 45° and has a news alloy finish. It is made with an lightweight alloy that makes it durable and easy to use. It comes with a set of instructions and a tool set.